What is the Value of 20 Hours of Your Time? When is the last time you backed up your email or attachments?  When was the last time you tested your backup successfully?

If your critical data is unavailable for an hour, a day, a week, or more, will your costs include more than recovery and data entry?  Will your revenue wait for you to restore your functionality?  What would the loss of all of yesterday's work cost your company? 

Service Plans

Remote Online Backup and Law Office Backup by Connectivity Solutions  is committed to providing reliable and effective backup systems to all customers, from the one-person business to multiple-office enterprise with sophisticated business needs. We have created the following backup services to accommodate the needs of a wide range of businesses or you may customize your solution to include terabyte onsite servers and rapid disaster recovery.

Silver Backup Plan:

 Perfect for professionals, telecommuters, home users, SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)

Twice A Week Backup

Up To 500mb Storage

Unlimited Restores 24/7
$49 one-time setup fee - Only $49/month  

Silver Plus Backup Plan:

5 Night Backup (M-F)

Up To 1,000mb Storage

Unlimited Restores 24/7
$99 one-time setup fee - Only $79/month  

Gold Backup Plan:

 Complete protection. Unlimited online file backup and restore 24/7/365 plus monitoring, free technical support for recovery.

Up to 10,000 mb of storage.
$199 one-time setup fee Only $169/month  

Platinum Backup Plan:

 Backup your entire office.  Backup your server  and mapped drives to workstations.

Up to 160,000 mb of storage.

$799 one-time setup fee - Only $249/month

Enterprise Backup Plan:

 Backup multiple divisions to a terabyte server then mirror that server to one or more of our secure sites, all automatically.  Includes a transportable mini-IOS 200/300/400gb drive (which you own exclusively) for initial capture and very rapid disaster recovery . 

Up to 750GB of storage.    

$3799 one-time setup fee - Only $699/month  

$10/month each additional 1GB

Custom Backup Plans:

 Create your own backup system customized to your specific needs using our products and expertise. Our backup products can be installed at your location. Considering a business might pay an employee $18 per hour to perform backups, 5 days a week, for 1 hour per day, the monthly cost would be $360! You have the added assurance that your data is completely secure offsite.


How valuable is your data? Can you afford to trust your data to just a tape system or a backup service that is geared to quantity instead of quality? We offer daily backups, confirmation of backups, notification of missed backups, a full month of normal business operations (20 full backups) retained on our system, and FREE technical support - all for one low monthly charge!

 The right is reserved to refuse service to Customer and to cancel service within 60 days written notice. In the event service is cancelled or refused, Customer is not liable for charges for the previous 60 days. Customers discontinued for non-payment are subject to a reactivation fee equal to one month's service. Customer assumes all responsibility for telecommunications charges, long distance calls, and toll calls.


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